Contract Services

D&S Dental is your one-source service for product realization in the marketplace. We have the technology, quality, experience and the facilities to meet your needs from manufacturing under a private label to new concept instrument design and everything in between. We provide a pathway for our customers to design, develop, manufacture, and test product in our state-of-the-art facilities. We offer individual packaging as well as bulk packaging as the customer requires. D&S offers on-site design service for quick prototyping, product development, and seamless transition from the lab to the marketplace. We accommodate the most complex designs and provide for evaluation and testing to improve designs at the moment of creation. From stainless steel to nickel titanium, engine driven to molded handles, accelerated or non-accelerated files, D&S Dental’s contract manufacturing services build and produce what could once only be imagined. Let us make your vision a reality.