10 Series™

The Logical Choice...Designed with You in Mind

The 10 Series™ file is offered with Controlled Memory NiTi Technology™ and serves as our Premium File System.

The design of the file and method of application combined with Controlled Memory NiTi Technology™ allows for improved efficiency and reduced risk of separation.

Why Use the 10 Series?

Independent studies have shown that the design of this file combined with Controlled Memory NiTi Technology™ provides a file that can be pre-curved with superior strength and flexibility.


Cyclic fatigue and torsional stress are the primary causes of separation. Controlled Memory NiTi Technology™ results in instruments having a 300% greater resistance to cyclic fatigue stress and increased torsional strength of Standard Niti.

Superior Canal Tracking

The files are Memory Free and the natural rebound has been removed. Files can be pre-curved for any situation.

Product Confidence

Designed to have less surface area to be in contact with the canal wall, resulting in minimal stress to the file.

Warning Signs of Fatique

The file will begin to unwind before separation occurs.


This system can be used in the Step Back or Crown Down methods, or in any Hybrid Technique. An easy transition from any existing system.

The 10 Series™ Characteristics
    Alloy - Nickel Titanium featuring Controlled Memory NiTi Technology™
    Cross Section - Square (the .15/.01 Navigatory is triangular with no Controlled Memory features)
    Flute Length - 10mm
    Cutting Edge - Sharp
    Handle - Brass Engine Driven
    Lengths - 21, 25 & 31mm
    Parallel shaft for improved flexibility and debris removal

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