Endodontic Instruments - The past 30 years

In 1978 Cemco, a New Jersey Company, started by manufacturing Micro Drills and eventually provided Hedstrom files for the U.S. Government. By using the Micro Drill Technology a new method of manufacturing Dental Instruments evolved. Now the flutes on Dental Instruments could be ground instead of twisted allowing many configurations that previously were impossible to achieve. Cemco received a visit from Dr. John McSpadden who had designed an instrument he called the Compactor. Cemco was able to produce his product which was introduced at the Hinman Show and was well received.

In 1980 the company moved to Johnson City, TN as Innovative Technologies Incorporated (I.T.I.). It was here that ITI worked with Dr. James Roane (the Roane Tip), Dr. Richard Burns (the Burns Unifile), and countless others. The association with Steve Treadway (designer and builder of custom machinery) began in the same year. In 1982 ITI closed and Derek Heath formed Quality Dental Products (QDP) to focus on manufacturing Dental Instruments. During the next few years of growth QDP experienced the following highlights:

A U.S. Patent was issued for improvements to the Hedstrom file
A U.S. Patent was issued for an improved Compactor
Dr. Jerry Mooneyhan purchased Peter Brasseler's Interest in QDP

A U.S. Patent was issued for Radial Lands on Endodontic Instruments
QDP developed the .04 Tapered Instruments
A U.S. Patent was issued for a flexible Endodontic Instrument
QDP began experimenting with Nickel Titanium wire for Endodontic Instruments
Filed a U.S. Patent for fabricating Nickel Titanium Endodontic Instruments
A U.S. Patent issued for a Gutta Purcha coated Compactor
A U.S. Patent was issued for an Endodontic Instrument of Predetermined Flexibility
A U.S. Patent was issued for Nickel Titanium Endodontic Files
Quality Dental Products merged with Tulsa Dental Products keeping the Tulsa Dental name.
The manufacturing of Thermafil starts in Johnson City, TN
A U.S. Patent was issued for The Method of manufacturing Nickel Titanium Instruments

Tulsa Dental Products had innovative Products with a motivated Sales force along with manufacturing capabilities and quickly began to make a mark in the field of Endodontics. This drew the attention of Dentsply which purchased Tulsa Dental Products in 1996. A 10 year non-compete clause was included in the terms and conditions of the sale of the company. Many things happened over the next 10 years including several U.S. Patents issued to Derek Heath.

U.S. Patent issued for Increasing Tapers on Endodontic Instruments (filed in 1996)
U.S. Patent issued for Nickel Titanium Explorers (filed in 1995)
Dear friend and business partner Dr. Jerry Mooneyhan passes away after his battle with Lung Cancer
U.S. Patent issued for Greater Tapered Endodontic Instruments (filed in 1995)
U.S. Patent issued for Piloted Endodontic Instruments (filed in 1996)
U.S. Patent issued for a Portable holder to safely handle Endodontic Instruments (filed in 1996)
U.S. Patent issued for Endodontic Instrument with reduced screw-in effect (filed in 1996)
U.S. Patent issued for Endodontic Instrument with rolled Calibration Lines (filed in 1996)
In June Derek Heath became an Honorary Member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Honor Dental Society
Former Business Partner Peter Brasseler passes away

After the non-compete agreement had expired, Steve Treadway and Derek Heath attended the ADA in Las Vegas in 2006. While at the show they discovered that over the past 10 years only minimal improvements had been made in the industry and only with flute design. In the spring of 2006 Derek Heath and Steve Treadway formed D&S Dental LLC and immediately started on new products and a new manufacturing process that does not conflict with any of Dentsply's Intellectual Property.

D&S Dental had six U.S. Patents issued or filed and currently has nine new products that will join the company's intellectual portfolio within the year. Multiple Universities and the United States Government have been conducting studies on the company's new products with several of them completed. The results of these studies are beginning to be published in the Journal of Endodontics.

D&S Dental has taken Endodontic treatments from Twisted Stainless Steel Files to Ground Files, to Nickel Titanium Files, to the latest evolution which is Controlled Memory Nickel Titanium Endodontic Instruments. Over the past 20 years the developments listed above have resulted in a 50% increase in productivity and efficiency in Endodontic treatment in today's market.

D&S is not a sales company, but is a manufacturer of highly accurate World Class Endodontic Instruments that services the contract manufacturing community. There are only a few Endodontic Instrument manufacturers in the world; with only a couple in the United States. D&S Dental's product line is proudly manufactured in Johnson City, TN. The D&S Research and Development Department has the fastest turnaround for prototypes in the world, and is very confident in its World Class Quality. The D&S Technicians combined have over 2 million hours of manufacturing experience in the endodontic field. D&S Dental is constantly improving its manufacturing process which will shortly result in the ultimate Endodontic File.

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